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5 Minute Foundation
1 - 3 weeks
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Parker, Colorado
Marketing Strategy

Posted January 30
Member since 2023-01-27

Project Overview

We would love to have our main Instagram account analyzed for what posts get more views/likes/interactions. Best times to post, the best type of content to garner engagement, etc.

We are a very small team, and we would like to define a great strategy to best utilize our time. Knowing this information will help us plan our social media posts for maximum impact.

A full schedule and plan of upcoming posts would also be of great value.

We are a Foundation focusing on saving our oceans through education, the use of cutting-edge tech, advocacy, and more. But we are a small team seeking to make a big impact, and whilst we focus on scoping the larger projects, we sometimes have no option but to neglect what got us here in the first place: a viral social media movement for 5-minute beach cleanups. We would really love the help of someone who can guide us in how to manage our social media presence to maximize followers' engagement and encourage their support through donations or purchasing of merchandise.

We have our Instagram and Facebook taglines ready to share and are happy to provide other things if required to make this assessment.


Nonprofit Overview

The 5 Minute Foundation is grassroots organization dedicated to safeguarding and protecting our oceans and the elimination of plastic pollution through technology, education, activism and action.


Social media strategy
Content management