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Deocracy Institute
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Posted January 30
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Project Overview

We're looking for a volunteer with a UX background. We are working to develop a dApp (Decentralized Application) that will gather news from nearly all global sources and display the articles in the native language of the user. It will incorporate AI to remove biases, opinions, and propaganda. Biases may be selected to be added back in—the difference being the user knows what bias they are being exposed to in how they are receiving their news. The user will also be able to interact with the AI to talk about the implications of events and what they might mean for them. Additional information about the greater reach an event may have in their community, their government, law, etc., can also be discussed with the AI.

We need help drawing up the UX (Figma or similar) so the user can navigate topics and news sources and have a conversation with the AI. The menu needs to be navigable to select user preferences of language, news topics, sources, and biases they wish to add or remove. This will create an app that is compatible with all devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile (PWA with React and GUNJS to make a node in a distributed system that will also contain super nodes, which anyone can become that will run News-Scraping/API and LLM/NLU for the entire network).

Today’s method of delivering news is heavily loaded with biases, opinions, and propaganda intended to move one’s emotions rather than inform them of events. NewsBuddyAI aims to take out the emotional hype and present the user only with the events that are taking place. The user will have the ability to engage with the Reporter AI that will have the capability to talk with them about how these events may affect them, their local community, or their country as a whole. If the user so wishes, they can have NewsBuddy present the news with biases that they prefer. This will allow users control over the slants that they are exposed to and allow them the choice of how to receive information about the world around them. Ultimately, the Reporter AI allows the user to engage with different biases that people groups hold so they are given the tools to think through the conflicting interpretations for themselves.

NewsBuddyAI is the first AI project Deocracy Institute is developing. We are close to being able to come out with a working demo, but having a working UX is a major sticking point. Once we have a working demo of this product, we will be able to get much-needed input and feedback from testers, start marketing for the project, run donation campaigns and apply for large grants.

We have an active development team working on Project NewsBuddyAI, we collaborate through Slack. You will be able to work one on one with our project manager to draw up the UX. The work you do will be implemented in the first alpha release of NewsBuddyAI, and inform the direction of the project as a whole.

Please reach out to us by email:
You only need to say in the email, as everything else can be discussed on Slack
Subject: Taproot NewsBuddyAI UX
Body: Please invite this email to Deocracy’s Slack for NewsBuddyAI UX


Nonprofit Overview

Deocracy's purpose is to provide representation, accountability, and trust in a democracy.


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