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Immigration Law & Justice of the Delaware Valley
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Norristown, Pennsylvania
Accounting & Finance

Posted September 18
Member since 2023-09-14

Project Overview

I would like an accountant or other qualified individual to file for a PA tax-exempt certificate for my organization. This entails filing Form REV-1220 with the PA Department of Revenue.

This would be immensely helpful to my organization. Saving money on taxes on office supplies would help our bottom line. We have a very small budget, and the overwhelming majority of that budget goes to paying staff. Every cent we can save on sales tax would be helpful to paying our staff and other costs. We are a small but mighty organization committed to providing high-quality, reliable legal services to the most vulnerable immigrants in our society, and despite only having been in existence since late 2019, we have helped hundreds of immigrants.

I am willing to work with the accountant or volunteer to gather the documents and materials needed to file this form. I have researched, and the form we need to file is the REV-1220.


Nonprofit Overview

A community-run multifaith collaborative that supports and defends the rights of immigrants by providing immigration legal services and educational resources to help families and individuals navigate the American legal system.