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Our program is seeking to develop an after school program in four local schools to address juvenile obesity prevention and using Sports as a Hook as an alternative to negative youth behaviors such as gang involvement, youth violence, engaging youth during after school hours when they are most likely to engage in negative behaviors. We seek to develop the funding to pay for counselors, instructors, coaches and administrative support. The funding obtained will be the base to expand the program to more schools in the Bronx. We seek a consultant who is versed in obtaining funding from corporate sponsors and foundations. We seek a consultant who can provide in-depth consultative session/one-on-one.
We have conducted youth sports programming for the past 12 years. We have seen first hand how many youth come to our program in very poor physical condition having never been involved in organized physical activity and no physical fitness program in their schools. Physical ability affects a students school grades, self esteem, socialization and many other development characteristics for youth. With many schools cutting back or eliminating recreation programs there is a major void for physical activity needed for youth during and after school hours. As an example two schools in our area do not have a gym. We are seeking to develop a long term after school program that will address the lack of physical activity offered to youth in our community as well as engage youth who are at risk of getting involved in negative behaviors by using Sports as a Hook to attract them and using academic monitoring and counseling to improve their grades while in the program.
We have 12 years experience working with youth and are familiar with the challenges facing youth in our community. We have seen the affects of juvenile obesity and youth violence. We will develop a strong long term program that can have an effect on youth development and physical fitness in our community that is not being provided now.

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We provide recreational youth sports during after school and weekend hours for at risk youth. We are a volunteer based program that aims to improve the academic performance of our membership through sports participation.

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