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The Bronx Foundation is the first and only public foundation solely dedicated to The Bronx community. The mission of The Bronx Foundation is to advance the public well-being and empower those who live in The Bronx to achieve their full potential.

We are looking for support to design our website. Our focus will be in the areas of education, health, arts and culture, and strengthening community and economic development services. The Foundation will fund direct services, general operating funds, and capacity building, and strategic projects to help improve The Bronx.

The designer will have the opportunity to build a website for the first community foundation in The Bronx, the poorest, yet most diverse Congressional district in the Country. Without a website, we are not able to engage all of our constituents in a rapid manor. We are working on multiple projects, including a STEM initiative, and poverty reduction initiative, and a tech plan for The Bronx. We believe that the website design will help us extend our programs in a rapid manor.
The website design will be the number one portal to help us engage our constituents in The Bronx. It will allow for us to advertise our programs, collecting funds, and also allow for our partners to work with us on our initiatives.

Nonprofit Overview

Though being one of the most underserved counties in the United States, and the most in need community in New York City, The Bronx is the only borough in New York City that does not have a dedicated foundation focused on supporting organizations that help improve The Bronx. The Bronx Foundation is the first and only public foundation solely dedicated to The Bronx. Our mission is to empower residents to achieve their full potential, advance the well-being of The Bronx community, and make The Bronx a global destination. We achieve our mission by leading strategic initiatives focused on three pillars: Economic Security and Education, Health and Food Security, and Community and Culture Engagement. Racial Justice will be at the core of our work. In addition, we fund direct services, general operations, and capacity building for programs and entities aligned with these pillars.

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