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Audited financial statement preparation

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  • Accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Cost analysis

Project need

Tonic Theater Company is a 501c3 based in Washington, DC and we need an audited financial statement to begin applying for grants from several foundations and the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities in 2019. Established in 2015, Tonic has taken in very little money but has consistently filed a 990 postcard with the IRS for each relevant fiscal year. Tonic Theater Company's mission is to educate about history and science through entertaining and well-made theater. Part of that mission includes live streaming a performance of our first production to audiences around the world, including into classrooms in schools and universities. Our first production will be Reykjavik, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Rhodes. Reykjavik is about the 1986 meeting in Iceland between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, where the two leaders almost achieved the elimination of all nuclear weapons. Playwright Richard Rhodes is a long-time Sloan Foundation grant recipient and intends to strongly advocate for Sloan Foundation support for Tonic's production. The initial grants from Sloan and other organizations will allow Tonic to affordably and efficiently produce and live stream Reykjavik and give the company the necessary technology infrastructure to live stream future productions. There has ever been a more important time to educate about science and history and Tonic intends to do so on a local, national, and a global level. On Monday, November 26, 2018, Tonic Theater Company launched its inaugural event to publicize our upcoming production of Reykjavik. Called The Makers: Reykjavik, the event brings together artists, writers, actors, and directors with the policymakers and diplomats the make history. The Makers: Reykjavik featured Reykjavik playwright and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Rhodes in conversation with actors Ed Gero and David Bryan Jackson (Gorbachev and Reagan respectively), along with special guest Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr., former senior U.S. arms control negotiator. Hosted by Tonic's artistic director, Kurt Elftmann, the evening was an opportunity for the artists and audience to hear about the Cold War tensions that surrounded the meeting in Reykjavik. It was also a chance for playwright Rhodes to discuss his motivation for writing the play and hear actors Gero and Jackson read an excerpt from the script before a live audience. Both the audience and the panel on stage had a wonderful and informative evening, setting the stage for Tonic's next The Makers event in early 2019. The Makers campaign will continue to publicize Tonic's production with interviews with the play's director, performers, and designers, as well as other diplomats and policymakers, such as Kenneth Adelman, author of Reagan at Reykjavik, right up to, and through the production. Tonic has all the key production and administrative personnel ready to produce Reykjavik, we now need funding to secure a performance space, and thereby lock in specific performance dates.

Organization's mission

Tonic Theater Company is dedicated to increasing public knowledge and understanding of history and science through the power of theater.

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