Ian Roberts

Website redesign and update - WordPress

Website development

Project details

Target skills

  • Web development
  • Graphic design - web
  • User interface design
  • WordPress

Project need

I would love to revitalize and enhance our website. The current site was done by a volunteer with limited experience and is very much lacking in every single aspect of what we need. Looking to refresh the website, add content that is great for parents, link up to our registration system, and more. This project is a priority as we are the oldest operating summer camp in the United States for kids with Type 1 Diabetes. We will soon be celebrating our 90th year anniversary in 2019 and our website looks about 90 years old. We are a historical camp that has great significance and history in the founding and development of insulin and clinical trials on campers. In 2017 the organization unexpectedly shut down and was saved at the last minute by a group of parents and staff. This camp has literally changed the lives of thousands of people and we are bringing it back from the ashes to serve thousands more. This is a great opportunity to help a worthwhile cause and be a part of the growing history of Type 1 Diabetes management. As the camp was saved by volunteers, there was no money that carried over when the parent organization dissolved. So we are a 90 year old startup and have to do everything from scratch. We really just need a win right now. We have the materials, time, and 100% staff commitment to making this happen. We are ready to roll and are launching registration on January 1st. This project will move forward one way or another, but we would rather it be assisted by someone with actual skill and not from myself watching youtube videos on how to manipulate WordPress. Our kids deserve the best and as the only employee of the organization, my time is spent trying to raise money to keep the lights on and doors open for our families.

Organization's mission

Camp Ho Mita Koda Foundation’s mission is to help children living with Type 1 Diabetes grow in mind, body, and spirit through an outdoor camping experience that strengthens their confidence and creates a community of peers.

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