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16 Things Kids Can Do Inc

Candidate recruitment assistance

HR Management

Project details

Target skills

  • Operations management
  • HR management
  • HR information systems
  • Performance management

Project need

To help us achieve our goals, we are working on developing three Success Teams (Professional, College & Youth) with 30 people in each team divided into specific areas: Social Media, Technology, Management, Development, Global Relations. We (1) need to refine our application, meeting and workflow process (2) research and outreach to candidates (3) review, vet and accept (4) establish and implement meeting structure and follow-up. Planned Acts of Kindness is a global outreach program where people wake up and on their cell phone, computer or device there is a new daily planned act of kindness that they can do with their family, friends, co-workers and in their community. The goal is to have 10s of millions of people around the country, 100s of millions of people around the world, waking up and doing the same thing on the same day, and unleashing that much powerful, positive energy in the world.

Study after study now shows that people who lead happier, healthier and longer lives are the ones that have strong relationships and a strong connection with a community.

Also, the problems of the world — climate change, pollution, overpopulation, pandemics, terrorism and war — are not going to be solved by governments or corporations, but by ordinary people working together on common causes with a common focus.

The tipping points are not going to be 20 to 30 years in the future, they are now. If we don’t get these problems under control the world will be a very different place for billions of people, and not in a positive way. We have one planet and one human race, and it's time we started acting like it.

We use software programs like infusionsoft, beewits, skype,, google keep, google drive, calendars, appointment schedulers to manage our programs. We have developed candidate manuals and training guides.

We have a compiled a large database of People of Influence to invite to our Success Team, and we have access to the contact information of their publicists, agents and managers.

We have an established college internship program that has been in place for years working with undergraduates and graduates from NYU, Columbia, Pace, St Johns, Baurauch, Penn State, Cornell -- And we run the program in our office in NYC as well as remotely, so we are versed in the mechanics of project management.

We have on-board a volunteer with over 40 years experience with the United Nations and NGOs, and he is willing to work with us pro bono to establish our NGO status. The Success Team is one of the first steps we need to complete to obtain this goal as well as others for our organization.

We have built a mobile ready website for the PAK Program; we have gotten Video endorsements including one from Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul"; have participated in National Publicity Summit and have over 100 media contacts available in the New Year; have a Radio Station database; created a show called "The Karma Guy TV & Radio Hour"; available to go on speaking and media campaign; invited to create a TEDx talk for Willington DE.

Organization's mission

16 Things Kids Can Do is a 501(c)3 not-for profit educational organization that works for the betterment of “Kids, People and The Planet” through a series of books, workshops, programs and activities all designed to help people lead happier, healthier and more successful lives.

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.