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Solutions Journalism Network Inc.

CRM review and recommendations


Project details

Target skills

  • CRM
  • Salesforce

Project need

We are looking for a volunteer to recommend a CRM Infrastructure Design for Email Marketing & Online Infrastructure, specifically, how to set up our systems to scale and grow for 2019. Report could include observations on SJN’s current email marketing management practices and recommended improvements, including a review of:

-Segmentation of database using tags to develop targeted lists in MailChimp.
-Analyzation of MailChimp (or superior alternatives) to create landing pages for marketing campaigns.
-Utilizing the embedded website signup form, with tagging functionality.
-Give strategic insight on combining multiple lists scaling marketing campaigns.
-Recommendation of additional apps to connect and minimize time spend on management of CRM.
-Design functionality of Salesforce to support MailChimp, utilizing the lead function in Salesforce for possible campaign tracking. Exploration of building lists using emails outside of current digital systems (biz cards, email contacts, personal contacts workshops attendees and project contacts, ect).
Solutions journalism is rigorous and compelling reporting about responses to social problems. It investigates and explains, in a critical and clear-eyed way, examples of people working toward solutions. It focuses not just on what may be working, but how and why it appears to be working, or alternatively, why it may be stumbling.

Moving into our 6th year of operations, we want to scale our work and reach as many people as possible giving them access to news that uses the best possible evidence, that produces useful insights for social change and by providing support for the journalists and newsrooms producing it.
We have audited our lists, explored the tagging function and landing pages in MailChimp, and have cleaned various sets of data in Salesforce to invite for marketing campaigns. We are also currently reviewing consent and updating our internal processes to comply with US spam laws and the GDPR.

We are looking for a recommendation on processing larger sets of data, inviting them to join our various programs, newsletters, content offerings and fundraising campaigns while complying with US spam and the GDPR.

Organization's mission

To legitimize and spread the practice of solutions journalism: rigorous reporting on responses to social problems.

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Step 2: Interview

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Step 3: Start

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