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Project Overview

We are looking for a proficient writer who will be able to help us research, write and submit grant proposals. At ITA, we believe that every child deserves a joyful and successful school experience. Our early learning programs provide a clear path to this goal.
Main Objectives of the programs:
- Educate parents about the importance of early brain development and learning
- Provide job readiness, training and educational opportunities to all children.
- Promote learning opportunities that combine arts instruction with core academic subjects.
The current ITA curriculum encompasses these objectives, and we have accomplished them on a small scale for over a decade. An educational grant will enable us to expand our program offerings and reach many more people, including younger children, underserved children and their parents.
A primary reason why so many school children are not able to meet academic challenges in school today is that kindergarten curricula are not designed to teach 0-4 year old children. Most start only at the age of five, which is almost too late to develop the fundamentals so important to literacy and learning. Once a child’s learning process breaks down and negative effects result, educators and parents are often at a loss as to how to bring about real change.
Considering the social and educational challenges in the United States, we truly believe that the International Talent Academy’s (ITA) early intellectual, physical/ motor and social development programs for preschool children are important preparation for their success in school, on the job and throughout their adult lives.
We have done a lot of research and grant writing, so we have lots of materials to provide to our respected volunteer. In addition, we have helpful articles on the subject of arts and early brain development that would help compile a good grant proposal. We are dedicated to promoting early brain development and arts education for young children. We see a big need for that in the community. We want to educate young parents about the importance of educating their children early and give them hands-on experiences in learning to read, write, dance, sing, act and more, instead of 'gadget' playing. Once the project is done, we will continue using the best practices and ideas we got.

Nonprofit Overview

To develop confidence, creativity, and capabilities in every child. We empower students to discover their unique talents and accelerate cognitive development through internationally inspired performing and liberal arts programs.

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