Irwin Larrier

Website design for restorative justice organization

Website design

Project details

Target skills

  • Web development
  • Graphic design - web
  • User interface design

Project need

We are a small not-for-profit operating in the arena of Restorative Justice. I need someone (team) who can help us translate our impact on a website. We already have a domain name and an outdated website. The website must allow us to also capture sign up information for individuals to release quarterly information, display our annual report, have room for videos or a link to videos, identify ongoing projects and a specific place for upcoming events/training/seminars etc. It must also have a section for staff, volunteers and community information. Why do we need impassioned volunteers? The purpose of Center for Community Justice is "creating safer communities by providing pathways to healing for those in need." What does this mean? We work with those who have caused harm and those who have been harmed. However, in an effort to become proactive and not only reactive we are implementing Restorative Justice interventions in schools to undermine the School to Prison Pipeline by utilizing early intervention. We focus on building, rebuilding and restoring broken relationships that improve and foster better and deep relationships in the education culture. This leads to opportunities for learning and trust to occur. As the first organization in the United States to formalize Restorative Justice practices directed toward enabling healing the harm caused by crime, we direct our efforts to the establishment, rebuilding, strengthening or broken relationships that result as a result of harm that affects our entire community. We are looking for committed individuals who can help us translate our impact in our community on our website. We impact our community by creating safer communities by providing pathways to healing for those in need. We have set aside the following resources;
1. Volunteer intern for social media and PR
2. Allocated Executive Director's time to work with volunteer developing the website
3. Funding for buying generic photos as needed
4. Access to multiple staff who are able to articulate the organization's story.
5. Already have hosting and content information available for different sections of the website

Organization's mission

Creating safer communities by providing pathways to healing for those in need.

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.