New England Brass Band

Program booklet design


Project details

Target skills

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Graphic design
  • Print design

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Project need

A concert booklet (with corresponding interactive multimedia formats) is needed for an upcoming concert (May 31-June 2, 2019). In addition to adding to the excellence of the concert series, the booklet/multimedia formats are expected to attract advertisers thereby adding to the feasibility/profitability of the current and future concerts.

1) This project shall create a *design template* for a classical music concert.
2) The *design template* shall provide program information in two formats:
a) hard-copy print (booklet). Design shall adhere to typical requirements of commercial printers, will minimize printing costs and will minimize assembly labor.
b) multimedia (mobile phone, tablet, computer). Design shall include "clickable links" for content (especially advertisements).
3) The design template shall re-use images and graphical design elements from existing advertising posters for an upcoming concert.
4) The design template shall be populated with the specific content for an upcoming concert.
5) The design template shall be easy to populate, easy to maintain and easy to modify (it will be re-used for future concerts). Information should be entered once and populated into both formats automatically thereby minimizing effort to populate and eliminating errors caused by entering same information twice.

Use your knowledge and skills with modern design applications to create an effective solution for the common task of creating concert program handouts. An easy-to-modify, maintainable, single input (program information entered once), dual-output (print + multimedia) design template using modern software applications can be generally useful for a number of applications.

This project will use your expertise and your creative flexibility to make a major impact on our "Cosmic Classics" advertising campaign. Your final product will be a practical work of art that will reach the Metrowest Boston area in print form and globally on social media. I've been planning this project for over 10 months. All major elements are in place. I now need the program booklet materials to get advertisers onboard, increase revenue, and deliver an excellent print copy to concert attendees.

Organization's mission

The New England Brass Band – NEBB – was founded in 1988 and incorporated in 1998 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Mission of the New England Brass Band (NEBB) is to create a challenging environment for accomplished musicians, to celebrate and preserve the unique British Brass Band sound, and share the results of our passion with the community through performances, education, and outreach.

The COSMIC CLASSICS 2019 program is our first attempt at leading a multi-faceted concert event with brass band and additional elements including: choir, organ, piano, and female vocal soloists. If successful we will repeat this event annually.

Step 1: Apply

Send the below info, and if interested, the nonprofit will select a time for a phone interview. You'll get a confirmation with everything you need to know.

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Step 2: Interview

You'll have a 30 minute call to discuss the scope and deliverables of the project directly with New England Brass Band, and for them to confirm you're a good fit.

Step 3: Start

Once accepted, you'll be able to get right to work. We will check in with you periodically to make sure you have everything you need.