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Make A Difference Inc.

Copy writing and messaging assistance for website content

Copy writing/editing

Project details

Target skills

  • Copy writing
  • Brand strategy

This organization has completed 17 projects on Taproot+

Project need

We've recently completed our Website and need help editing it for the following:
Grammar - Have we made any grammatical mistakes? Does it flow well?
Clarity - Do you understand what our mission is, our goals and how you can get involved?
Consistency - Are we presenting a consistent message and design through out the site?
Compelling - Are we doing a good job on making people want to get involved with our events or sponsor a child?
Information - Are we giving people the information they need? This project will help us bring in more support for vulnerable children around the world. The better job we do in presenting ourselves as an organization with our Website the more likely we will be to raise up support for school fees, food, boarding and medical care for orphaned children. We have just finished our new Website which you can see by going to:
We're starting on a Google document to keep track of corrections and improvements we can make to each page of the Website.

Organization's mission

Providing quality educational opportunities to vulnerable youth.

We make sure all children get access to quality education. We also develop schools with technology centers and libraries so all children get a chance to get on a computer and read books.

Step 1: Apply

Send the below info, and if interested, the nonprofit will select a time for a phone interview. You'll get a confirmation with everything you need to know.

More questions? Check out our FAQ

Step 2: Interview

You'll have a 30 minute call to discuss the scope and deliverables of the project directly with Make A Difference Inc., and for them to confirm you're a good fit.

Step 3: Start

Once accepted, you'll be able to get right to work. We will check in with you periodically to make sure you have everything you need.