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Kids' Choice Inc
Temple, Georgia
Brand Development
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Tips for getting the most out of your session

Familiarize yourself with the nonprofit. Do some quick research and skim through anything you can find such as their website and/or social media.
Make a list of questions you have to clarify your understanding of their challenge.
Have the mindset of keeping the call focused on an issue that can be addressed in a 1-hour consultation, and steer the nonprofit to tangible next steps.

This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Session Overview

Kids' Choice Inc. team needs assistance with an Elevator Pitch. It is important when Kids' Choice Inc. team makes long lasting impressions with people, businesses, and potential donors. This Elevator Pitch will serve as a way to capture the attention of others and build a lasting positive relationship.

Nonprofit Overview

An online marketplace where students buy and sell original educational resources to gain 21st Century Skills.

Marketing strategy
Brand strategy