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Session Overview

I would like advice on how to structure the following project for submission. Currently, Comunilife is in its 2nd yr. of a 5 yr. strategic plan implementation. Plan has been revised to reflect changes resulting from recent Covid shutdown. I need help on how to do the following:
1. Keep the plan at the forefront of staff's minds with incorporating the goals and objectives into their daily operations
2. Effectively communicate reminders, activity due dates as well as provide updates to staff, Leadership and Board members
3. Creation of a calendar to share/inform/alert staff of upcoming dates, activity and progress
4. Tools to use to track and demonstrate staff and plan's progress
5. Creation of a dashboard to effectively measure progress of key objectives
Thank you. Marisa Greason


Nonprofit Overview

Comunilife’s mission is to improve the quality of life and create a healthier tomorrow for New Yorkers with special needs in the Hispanic and broader communities – by providing culturally competent health and human services and a continuum of affordable and supportive housing.

Through our 1,579 units of supportive housing for persons living with HIV/AIDS and/or mental illness, outpatient mental health clinic, and a unique program for Latina teens who have attempted suicide we serve more than 3,000 New Yorkers annually.


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