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Oaks Academy Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Program Design

Member since 2021-10-06

This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Session Overview

The Oaks Academy is a Pre-K to 8th-grade network of 3 schools in Indianapolis. We are nearing 25 years of growth and success with a unique educational mission to provide a rigorous classical education to a racially and socioeconomically diverse group of students. Beyond serving over 1,000 students, we have also developed the Indiana Educators Fellowships (, programs that train leaders of other schools across the state and country.

We created a catalog of resources about our model of education. Currently, it is being used internally, but we would like to explore best practices to share access to the catalog with other schools/educators. It'd be helpful to talk with a volunteer with experience in marketing/scaling products related to their business.


Nonprofit Overview

The Oaks Academy is a Christ-centered school that exists to provide a rich, classical education to children of diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, preparing them to succeed in a rigorous secondary educational program and to demonstrate spiritual, social and emotional maturity.


Business planning
Product development
Program development