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The Communitea Project
Seattle, Washington
Business Planning

Member since 2022-01-04

Session Overview

Our organization’s business plan has a lot of moving pieces with three programs under one umbrella that have shared and separate revenue streams in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. I have been trying to prepare financial projections that reconcile across each of the programs and am in need of some feedback and support in preparing the right type and amount of financial information for our business plan. I have experience building models and have access to templates but often find myself swimming in decisions about what information is most pertinent and which forms are most effective for communicating financial information. I really want to be able to effectively communicate financial viability in a way that supports the robust spectrum of social action we are trying to address.


Nonprofit Overview

TCP builds self-sustainable community services that are grown and tended for the community, by the community.

■ Be a locus for innovation and an incubator for social innovation and human potential. Model a new way of living in community.
■ Act as a fully transparent, pivot point for access to, capital, opportunity and resources at the junctures of served and underserved.
■ Catalyze change and inspire others to adopt community based approaches to education, housing, health, and other social services – unilaterally, not piecemeal.
■ Provide community members with open-source plans and resources to replicate our model in other locales across the country and globe.
■ Germinate, disseminate, replicate, iterate. This is just the beginning of something bigger. Members matriculate, graduate, innovate, and return to share with next generation. All head out into world to iterate this process in different locales.
■ Be too diversified to fail.


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