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Dramatic Question Theater
New York, New York
Board Development
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Member since 2018-11-08

Session Overview

Dramatic Question Theatre ( is a small theatre company that develops plays by women and people of color. We need to build our board. We have 5 board members and want to get to 9. Where do I find potential board members? Esp. those in finance and accounting? We have an annual budget of about $25K . We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2019. We are NYC based. DQT board has a give ($500) and get ($500) minimum and the time requirement is approx 6 hrs per month. I have been tasked with helping recruit board members and I am striking out with my friends, so I want to find people who will gravitate to theatre, diversity, and gender parity. Any advice is most welcomed. Thank you!


Nonprofit Overview

DQT develops plays written by people of color, plays written by women, and plays that deal with race, class and culture in different and dynamic ways.


Board development
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