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Magic Classrooms
Longmont, Colorado
Grant writing/development
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This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Session Overview

We have been unsuccessful submitting grants. All of the grants seem to go to people that are known by the grantors and in fact many only accept invitations to submit. We need call to have consultation with someone who knows organizations in Guatemala in Central America Zach might be interested in helping fund the expansion of preschool classrooms into rural areas.


Nonprofit Overview

Our Primary mission is to prepare rural Guatemalan children for success in primary school. 40% of rural children are failing when they arrive to the first grade because of poor preparation in their home situations, ie. illiterate mothers and fathers.
We provide curriculum, materials, books, and stipends for local literate people to meet daily for 2 hours with small groups of children to teach them basic preschool skills.
The curriculum is delivered to the teachers on their tablets in the form of pdf and mp3 files downloaded via a server.
These natural teachers are trained to use the activites and book guides contained in pdf files, and the tablets are also attached to bluetooth speakers to play mp3 files during the daily sessions. These audio files are used by the teachers to present daily themes through ongoing adventures of the characters.


Grant writing