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The Healthcare Navigation Project
Milford, Connecticut
Grant writing/development
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Member since 2022-09-13

Session Overview

Hi! I actually took two grant writing classes through a community college (see LinkedIn) having said that I am not feeling confident on my own to do this. I need someone to bounce words off of if that makes sense.
It's the first time they are offering this. It's a small grant for $15,000 through The Global Advocacy Alliance at Global Genes who works with people with RARE DISEASE and are CREATING a PROGRAM to address unmet mental health and social support needs of families of rare disease. I am a mom to child with two RARE Diseases and one Neurodivergent.
Our ENTIRE program is for Rare Disease, but is universal and Global as we use WHO/UNICEF components for global mental health awareness!!

We won The CODY Award from The Charity Design Co and they launched us on Thanksgiving! We are in talks with nonpofits and have Beta Testing in a High School this month for our first module Basic Healthcare Navigation.

The second module of our program is called Advocating Your Mental Health and is for RARE DISEASE families, children and adults. Please look at our website for more information.
The Grant we want to apply for is called THE RARE MENTAL HEALTH IMPACT GRANT. Deadline is February 10th! They will choose 12 organizations!!



Nonprofit Overview

The Healthcare Navigation Project is an independent 501(c)(3) intentionally designed to disrupt our complex healthcare system with a health literacy and mental health life-skills programĀ©2022, for ALL youth transitioning to adult care (HCT). This includes rare or chronic disease, underserved communities, or those with educational disabilities.


Grant writing