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Session Overview

Seeking Tech Recruiter Advice

FullCircle aims to become a global non-profit platform, one digital space that unites the past, the people, and the future of the Black Atlantic. We want your help brainstorming ways (and places) to find a principal systems software architect to get us from prototype to platform. We are a pre-funding 501(c)3 nonprofit. Here is the current job description. (

In a one-hour brainstorming session, we hope you can cover standard approaches, direct options like Women in Tech, and creative approaches like requesting an executive-on-loan from a larger organization. Specifically, we seek professionals passionate about social impact and committed to advancing the prominence and access to Black storytelling.

Will you help us learn faster ways to find our architect?

Contact: Mike Wittenstein, Co-Founder, FullCircle,, 404.229.5809


Nonprofit Overview

Our Vision

FullCircle will build a digital platform that connects individuals within the African diaspora to their history and culture and allows them to share their stories to build a lasting global community.

Our Mission
Present content that documents and teaches the history and cultural impacts of African enslavement
Introduce life-changing experiential technologies that allow users to transform themselves and the world
Encourage participants to weave and share experiences in multiple media
Spread collaboration as a process for social change


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