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Portland, Oregon
Marketing Strategy

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Session Overview

Hi, I'm the founder of, (an affiliate of the Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education), our goal is to provide a wiki for all people's ideas for each problem, with practically any subject, and once we're done creating an AI assistant to make everything user-friendly we plan on going public and crowdfunding.

The thing is we've never actually done anything like that before, and I'm too neurodivergent to hit the kind of bullseye in marketing that this sincerely humanitarian project deserves. Almost everyone in our org presently is a programmer or UX designer, none of us have experience making videos, and the potential scope of what our tech enables is so vast it's honestly stifling. I have a few ideas for marketing but we need to make a really solid video to crowdfund with, and every video specialist I talk with assures me they'll produce something great. -Then they produce whatever and we're left with another mediocre video. We need help creating something better than that. We can budget up to 1000 dollars for this, but we don't have a lot of money so we can't just do this over and over again until someone actually makes a good video. If you could help us get past this hurdle, I believe we'll be able to attract all the people and funding we need.

-Anthony Brasher


Nonprofit Overview

While people already use the internet to find solutions, search engine algorithms tend to care more about SEO scores and traffic than the quality of the answers themselves. -Needpedia provides a space where you can see all your options side by side, and even see what scientists and other experts had to say about them.

-Anthony Brasher


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