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Worthy Mentoring
Los Angeles, California
IT Infrastructure

Member since 2022-04-25

Session Overview

Worthy Mentoring is a groundbreaking tech nonprofit that connects LGBTQ+ mentees and mentors through a user-friendly mobile app and seeks the insight and advice of a Volunteer Technical Advisor.

As founder, I am responsible for the technical aspects of our platform and marketing, communications, human resources, finance, fundraising, sales, and more. I seek a skilled volunteer willing to provide strategic technical guidance that will ensure optimal app functionality, aligning our technical goals with our mission, and ensure the continued success and growth of our platform but I’m not certain where to begin with recruitment.

In this one-hour session, I’m looking to refine the types of professional expertise and experience most essential in the organization’s immediate future.


Nonprofit Overview

Worthy Mentoring is a tech nonprofit that connects LGBTQ+ mentees and mentors through a mobile app for support, guidance, and friendship. Worthy Mentoring is bringing community and safety to the never-ending coming out journey for queer individuals.


Networking administration
Information architecture
Data science
System administration