A Half Day Of Volunteering In Seattle – May 13
Event Date: May 13, 2020
Location: Seattle, Washington
Application Deadline: April 26, 2020

What's a Speed Consulting

A half-day, round-robin workshop where skilled volunteers from various disciplines give advice to nonprofits on challenges across multiple areas.

Who Should Apply?

The ideal consultants for this event are professionals with 5+ years’ experience in the areas of marketing, HR, finance, or strategy.

• You must indicate your area of expertise in your interest statement

• Each consultant will work in a group and will provide consultative support to three different nonprofit organizations

Please reach out to Stephanie Kuei (stephanie@taprootfoundation.org) with any questions.

Activity Overview

Please join us for a special pro bono event on May 13 to support Seattle nonprofits making change in their communities.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to provide your expertise at this half-day consulting event. Each group of consultants will support three nonprofits organizations on their specific challenges related to one of the following area: marketing, HR, finance, or strategy.

Speed Consulting
Event Categories
Accounting & Finance, Program Design, HR Management, Board Development, Staff Development, Brand Development, Messaging, Copy writing/editing, Marketing Strategy, Business Planning

Sorry the deadline for this activity has passed!

Type of expertise needed

Accounting & Finance
Program Design
HR Management
Board Development
Staff Development
Brand Development
Copy writing/editing
Marketing Strategy
Business Planning

Roles needed for this project

Salesforce Consultant
Marketing/Communications Consultant
Finance Consultant
Marketing Consultant
Human Resources Consultant
Human Resources Generalist
Web Designer
Creative Director
Market Researcher
CSR/Fundraising Expert
Quality Assurance
Information Architect
Public Relations
Social Media
Nonprofit board development
Project Manager / Brand Marketer
Content Strategist
Visual Design
Copywriter/Content Creator
Financial Consultant/Analyst
Project Manager
Data Analyst
Web Developer
Brand Strategist
Project Lead
Strategy Consultant
WordPress developer