A Day Of Virtual Volunteering On April 26 Bay Area
Event Date: April 26, 2021
Location: Hosted virtually on Zoom
Application Deadline: March 31, 2021

What's a Speed Consulting

A half-day, round-robin workshop where skilled volunteers from various disciplines give advice to nonprofits on challenges across multiple areas.

Who Should Apply?

The ideal consultants for this event are professionals with 5+ years’ experience in the areas of marketing, HR, finance, or strategy.

• You must indicate your area of expertise in your interest statement
• Each consultant will work in a group and will provide consultative support to three different nonprofit organizations

Please reach out to Rosie Talcott (rosie@taprootfoundation.org) with any questions.

Activity Overview

Our Speed Consulting workshop pairs you with nonprofits for quick but targeted consultation sessions on their organization’s key challenges in marketing, HR, and finance. Think of it as holding office hours with nonprofits to help them brainstorm new ideas, troubleshoot issues, and create plans of action. At this event, you'll be able to flex your skills and meet new people, all while supporting critically important social causes in your local community.

Speed Consulting
Event Categories
HR Management, Board Development, Staff Development, Accounting & Finance, Brand Development, Messaging, Copy writing/editing, Public Relations, Grant writing/development, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Business Planning, Accounting & Consulting, Writing, Design, Website design, HR & Leadership Development, Design & Creative, Marketing & Communications, Business Planning & Development

Sorry the deadline for this activity has passed!

Type of expertise needed

HR Management
Board Development
Staff Development
Accounting & Finance
Brand Development
Copy writing/editing
Public Relations
Grant writing/development
Marketing Strategy
Project Management
Business Planning
Accounting & Consulting
Website design
HR & Leadership Development
Design & Creative
Marketing & Communications
Business Planning & Development

Roles needed for this project

Finance Consultant
Marketing Consultant
Human Resources Consultant
Strategy Consultant
Cost analysis