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Key Messaging for funders and sponsors

Team Project

Business Planning


  • 12 - 15 weeks
  • Los Angeles, CA


Application deadline

  • January 02, 2019
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What's a Team Project

A 12-15 week program where a team of four to six skilled volunteers works on and delivers a custom project that addresses a nonprofit’s key infrastructure challenge.

About this Opportunity

The Pine Ridge Girls’ School has been in operation just under 5 years.

The team is looking to diversify their funding model and find new ways of attracting partners and funders.

What the nonprofit needs help with

The org needs help with outreach and building a fundraising campaign to support their tuition-free, college prep school.

What the skilled volunteers will be working on for the nonprofit

This pro bono consultant team will help identify new and existing audiences, sponsors and collaborators, along with developing Key messaging/ recommendations on how to engage with each segment.

Who Should Apply?

This project is currently staffing for a Project Lead:

Experience in leading Strategy projects/ marketing / PR experience ( nice to have) / Client Experience

Knows about fundraising and/or have worked with nonprofits ( if possible)

Experience developing large scale strategic plans

Type of expertise needed
Business Planning

Roles needed for this project
Project Lead

About Pine Ridge Girls' School

Our Through an academically rigorous program grounded in Lakota culture, language, and values, the Pine Ridge Girls' School aims to empower the young women of the Pine Ridge by fostering self-respect, a love of learning, and leadership qualities to help them serve and shape their world.