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Our site was created on the WIX platform. We need a more robust platform and would like to migrate to WordPress, and add a volunteer signup and client portal capacity to better serve our clients. If you believe people and pets have rights and that the only way to end homelessness is to provide and maintain safe and habitable housing, then this project will resonate with you. Truly “pet friendly” housing options are scarce. Many housing units come with restrictions on breed, weight or size. When families are forced to make a decision between their home or their pet, they may see surrender as a last resort. According to a recent industry survey, as many as three-fourths of Americans who rent have pets, so it’s no surprise that difficulty finding and keeping rental housing is a top reason dogs and cats are surrendered to shelters and rescues each year.

HEART L.A. is driven by the fundamental principle that what is inside a person's wallet should not determine whether they are a loving pet owner, capable of providing care and kindness. All of the services provided by HEART L.A. are provided to low-income individuals and families free of cost.

In addition to direct services, HEART L.A. actively engages in policy advocacy efforts to further its mission to preserve families and their pets. Currently, HEART L.A. is working with the City and County of Los Angeles to enact legislation to eliminate arbitrary restrictions on pet ownership in rental housing.

Your help will allow HEART L.A. the opportunity to further the mission to provide both direct services and policy advocacy to help keep people and their pets housed and break down barriers to housing.
The website text and graphics have been saved in electronic files. The Executive Director and Development Director have committed a significant amount of time to implement the project once it's complete.

Nonprofit Overview

Housing Equality & Advocacy Resources Team (HEART L.A.) is a nonprofit law firm helping pets and their owners with housing related legal issues to address and prevent homelessness. As a legal service provider, HEART L.A. is uniquely positioned to use both advocacy and litigation to advance policies and create stronger laws to protect the rights of pet owners and their companion animals. HEART L.A. aims to initiate conversations with pet owners who otherwise would not seek assistance or know that legal assistance is available. HEART L.A. will work to combat homelessness by educating and empowering pet owners.

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Website migration and development - WordPress

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Housing Equality and Advocacy Resources Team
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