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Taproot+ is the best way for nonprofits to find pro bono help and for skilled volunteers to provide it

How it works

For nonprofits

For skilled volunteers

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Post a project

Tell us about your need and we'll help you get the word out.

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Tell us about yourself

Let us know your professional skills

Browse projects

Explore projects from nonprofits that need your skills and match your interests.

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Reach out with your availability and let the nonprofit know why you’re interested in helping.

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We'll schedule a call between the nonprofit and volunteer. If the nonprofit gives the green light, the project moves ahead!

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Get started

We'll send you project planning resources, such as a scoping document and template for setting a timeline. Most projects can be done remotely, and everything is free.

This infographic was a Taproot+ project completed by Adelya Tumasyeva

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