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Posted March 09
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

ReBirth Empowerment Education (ReBirth) is currently seeking qualified volunteers to help us set up Quickbooks Online for Nonprofits in the following areas:
1. Setting up the Chart of Accounts in Quick Books Online;
2. Setting up class tracking; and
3. Using data provided to develop budgets organization and program budgetsReBirth Empowerment Education is a startup nonprofit still in the planning and development stages. The organization consists of myself, founder, and six board members. The assistance provided by the volunteer will help our organization set up our financial reporting system that provides fiscal accountability and professional and accurate reports to potential funders, donors, and grant applications for seed funding.We obtained Quickbooks Online for Nonprofits through TechSoup. The organization has been set up on the platform. The data for the budgets have been established in an Excell Spreadsheet. We will use the budgets and reports to submit with foundations, corporate, local, state, and federal grants. Also, the data will be used to submit to the Board of Directors for review and oversight in easy to read reports.


Nonprofit Overview

ReBirth Empowerment Education's mission is to provide workforce development and support services with pathways to hope and economic stability in marginalized communities.


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