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Sun Partners International Foundation
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Leawood, Kansas
Website development

Posted June 01
Member since 2020-05-28

Project Overview

Sun Partners International is looking to update/overhaul its website ( The current version was developed back in ~2013 using WIX. The next generation website we envision (using WIX or another platform) will be much more informational, using state-of-the art GIS to produce high quality maps and "ESRI Story Maps" (integration of maps, video clips, photography, and scrolling text). We have the expertise to produce maps and story maps but are not well versed (nor expedient) in web design/layout.

We would welcome support in web design, layout, and development, and believe you would find Sun Partners International and the work we do interesting and worthwhile.

Thanks in advance.

First, Sun Partners International is a 100% volunteer organization with no administrative/overhead burden. All of the funds we raise goes to our implement our projects. Even travel to manage/oversee our projects in Africa and elsewhere is covered out-of-pocket.

Sun Partners International plans and implements solar electrification projects to deliver clean water, education (especially for girls), and health care in disadvantaged communities that do not have access to reliable grid power, with an emphasis in East Africa. Sun Partners management and volunteers have extensive experience in renewable energy and solar power systems, as well as the environmental impacts associated with electricity generation, including climate impacts. Our updated website will pay particular attention to educating viewers about the range of issues that communities in East Africa struggle with every day, and how solar electrification can help address those struggles.

With an updated website and a parallel information dissemination campaign, SPI's believes we will be able to attract more donor giving, enabling the organization to plan and implement more projects annually.

We have:
• "white boarded" the draft outline and flow of the new website
• identified every map that we plan to incorporate, including the data and data source for each
• gleaned video clips and photography from volumes of imagery from our projects
• identified an exciting way to communicate "what we do" and "where we do it" to the viewer (thru ESRI Story Maps)

Once complete, the new website would be uploaded and go live. Special recognition of volunteer support for the website design/layout would be included, and we would welcome a long-term relationship if that were desired by the volunteer(s).


Nonprofit Overview

In partnership with international relief organizations, Sun Partners International provides engineering and financial resources to facilitate the deployment of sustainable power systems in developing countries to promote community health, education, and economic development.

Database administration
Web development
Graphic design - web
Data visualization