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Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
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Los Angeles, California
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Posted June 16
Member since 2017-05-19

Project Overview

We are looking for someone who can help us with Zoom and other social technology. The teaching videos on Zoom seem a bit unorganized, and because of the challenge of Covid-19 we need to translate or reimagine our programs for schools so they may continue to be interactive and engaging. We are successful with multiple dance residencies each year, but do need some methodical help with this, including how to include videos and whiteboards, co-ordinate music so there is no time lag, and have 2 people in different places connect with students either at home or in a classroom.
Since 1980, LA Choreographers & Dancers/Louise Reichlin & Dancers (LA C&D) has provided educational programs to the LAUSD and 15 other districts. We are committed to using dance as a unifying force that crosses cultural, generational, language and socio-economic lines. We meet student needs by providing standards-based educational programs, dancers who are both trained educators and working professional artists, and an arts experience that is engaging and inspiring. We understand the arts offer the students an anchor of personal expression, a source of motivation, and a model to deal with life. We meet students' needs with multicultural and multi-disciplinary workshops and assemblies that create a forum for students to develop creative ideas on how to approach work and solve problems in all subject areas. Our basic PD empowers teachers to feel they can handle dance and movement.

We currently have multiple master contracts with the LAUSD for our dance residencies and need specific training in Zoom or other media of this type as it seems that much of our work will need to be done virtually next semester. Our work is interactive and in person extremely engaging, and we want to make sure we have the tools to translate this using Zoom.

We have a pro Zoom account and 6 dancers (besides me) eager to work on this. We have been meeting virtually during the pandemic, and have successful award winning "physical" dance residencies; we also have 2 master contracts with the district and education grants from our city and state.

Nonprofit Overview

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers (LA C&D) creates and presents innovative dance works with imagination, feelings, and communication being the inspiration for every piece. Whether presenting a concert performance or enriching the lives of LA area students through arts education, we believe that our work sparks imagination, creativity, self-discovery, and empowers our diverse audience members to expand their understanding of life.


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