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Technology and Information for All - TINFA
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Seattle, Washington
Website design
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Posted February 22
Member since 2016-10-31

Project Overview

We are asking a skilled volunteer to help us revamp our website to drive clarity, improve website navigation, and increase organic search traffic. The expected outcomes of this project are
1) outlined content for the home page and “about us” section – goal being for new users to be able to quickly and easily consume the mission
2) website audit: providing recommendations for optimizing our organic and google ads search traffic (images/videos and captions, keyword recommendations, etc.).

An ideal volunteer will have digital strategy, website design, search engine optimization knowledge and skills.

TINFA is a non-profit organization that empowers teachers to bring 21st century skills to kids in underserved areas of developing countries. The program provides thorough training and community to teachers in addition to equipment, to build engaging curriculums that maximize resources. The percentage of kids who stay in school in participating TINFA schools far exceeds the national rural average, proving the success of the program in keeping kids engaged and excited to learn. With the current state of the world, providing kids with a great education and keeping them in school is more important than ever.
TINFA’s priority at the moment is to expand its community and donor base in order to be able to add more schools to the program. In order to attract viewers, we need to display a clean, clear home and “about us” page. From research we know that users and viewers will look at a website for no longer than 30 seconds if a home page does not have a clear message. Our team has worked avidly on Google Ads projects and are at a point of obtaining 1000+ clicks just this month. However, even with this much new search attention, we have not grown our community. When new traffic lands on the directed TINFA site, there is not a clear message on TINFA’s mission, program, and how to get involved. Through this project, we seek to change this and gain several new members of the community through search, because they are able to land on TINFA’s website and get absorbed into the mission and goodness they were looking for when they clicked on the page.
This project is a great investment for volunteer’s because they’ll have the opportunity to work on something that directly impacts kids in Guatemala who lack advanced education. Gaining new users and potential donors will allow TINFA to expand its services in Guatemala and achieve our goal of supporting more schools.
Members of our team have worked extremely hard to revamp our Google Ads account and drive clarity to the website where possible. On Google Ads, we have taken monthly clicks from <10 to over 1000 clicks in this past month. The team also worked on making the donations page easily navigable for our annual fundraising event. We have put months of effort into research and outlining the project needs to both attract new users and more importantly maintain new users. We have framed the need and ask, but the required website and SEO knowledge is beyond what members of our team have and can find resources for online.

There will be direct implementation when the project is complete. For the first part of the project (outlined content), we will immediately work to follow this outline and publish the new content on our webpage. This will realize immediate benefits with educating and retaining new visitors. For the SEO recommendations resulting from the website audit, we will similarly immediately work to make and publish changes to match the recommendations the volunteer provides.

We will move as quickly and efficiently as possible to publish changes to the website with the volunteer’s generous help, and cannot wait to see where we expand our reach to from this project!


Nonprofit Overview

TINFA empowers teachers through technology and collaboration to bring 21st century skills to children in underserved areas of developing countries


User interface design
Graphic design - web