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Library For All
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
New York, New York
Marketing Strategy

Posted June 23
Member since 2015-03-23

Project Overview

We need help with Google Ads management. We would like to leverage our grant budget and fully use the entire budget each month. We need help with ad campaign creation and optimization. Keywords and SEO. We have a Google Ad Grants account that gives us $10,000/month in ad budget to advertise to individuals to donate to Donations allow us to create and publish children's books and then educate and empower children in underserved communities to rise to their full potential. When we eliminate illiteracy, we can eradicate poverty. We have the Ads account set up, we have a live campaign, and we have the grant and budget approved. We are ready to start new campaigns and a/b test with you. We are looking to create effective keyword groups and leverage the budget to top-performing keywords.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to continue unlocking knowledge and opportunities for those in developing countries with limited access to educational materials.

Library For All is a small but powerful New York-based non-profit organization, that is committed to bringing access to education to developing developing countries. We partner with publishing and content partners to deliver digital libraries to schools and program providers across the world.


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