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Clear Water Nitrate Reduction Education
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Board Development
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Posted January 30
Member since 2020-06-18

Project Overview

Help us recruit mission-driven leaders! We are seeking a volunteer to help us craft a comprehensive board member recruitment plan. Project tasks will include:
-Meeting with our organization's leadership to establish which board roles are vacant
-Conducting interviews with board or staff members involved in board recruitment or prospecting to establish which tactics have and have not been successful in the past
-Development of the first draft of an inclusive board recruitment strategy that includes clear tactics for reaching candidates representative of the community that we're serving and who meet our current leadership needs
-Finalizing the recruitment strategy by incorporating feedback from relevant team members

Nutrient Pollution is the number one water quality issue in the United States, and the health effects, economic damage, and environmental degradation are extremely high. We need to create an advisory board as soon as possible because we are beginning to launch a new project that will help communities around the Midwest. By finding the areas that we are lacking in the board of advisors, we'll be able to unlock the potential of our organization to create a lasting impact.

We will designate a team member to lead the project and work with the volunteer. We will also prepare documents on board needs so that we can establish areas we are lacking. We'll provide you with relevant information about our stakeholders and a background briefing on our programs, mission, vision, and purpose. You will have access to our board governance materials and our current recruitment pipelines.


Nonprofit Overview

To reduce pollution using hybrid water filtration systems, research at the professional and undergraduate level, and water quality experiential learning education for local k-12 school children.


Board development
Training and development