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Science Delivered
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
San Diego, California
Accounting & Finance
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Posted May 25
Member since 2017-05-15

Project Overview

We are seeking a temporary or long-term (either is fine!) volunteer bookkeeper to get our accounting up to date. We have records and files ready and are looking for help getting the 2022 financial information into Quickbooks. The Quickbooks is already set-up, we estimate this will be

It would be a huge help for our small but impactful organization! We have all records and information ready. We would provide the necessary support to get the volunteer up to speed! One - two phone calls will be required but otherwise, it can mostly be done over email. Science Delivered is a small but impactful organization. Many elementary students get little to no science education as concern over standardized tests has pushed out content-rich subjects like science and social studies. Our organization provides sorely needed science programming and is advocating for increase in science and social studies teaching.

Our financials are straight-forward and therefore we hope to keep the bookkeeping work on a volunteer basis so we can use raised funds to directly support our students and teachers!We have all files and information ready. Once we find a time to meet the project can get started! Thank you for considering this project.

*Taproot editor note: since this is a need without a defined end date or outcome, volunteer applicants are encouraged to set their own boundary for hours per week and the number of total weeks.


Nonprofit Overview

To promote a love of science and learning and support equal access to education.