My Serenity Sanctuary
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Los Angeles, California

Posted December 01
Member since 2023-10-10

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

My Serenity Sanctuary, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting self-care, well-being, and advocacy for primarily Black women and girls, is seeking volunteers to assist in the creation of a comprehensive mailing list database connected to our donor platform and social media. Our goal is to establish an efficient system that enables us to easily send out thank-you notes to our donors and funders, regardless of the size of their contributions.

Attention all passionate and tech-savvy individuals! Are you passionate about making a meaningful impact in the lives of Black women and girls everywhere? Do you possess a flair for organization and a keen understanding of data management and social media? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

By volunteering to help, you will have the opportunity to use your technical skills and expertise to build a seamless and organized mailing list database that connects directly to our donor platform and social media channels. This database will be a crucial tool in ensuring that every donor, no matter how big or small their contribution, receives a heartfelt expression of gratitude from us. If you are ready to utilize your skills to facilitate meaningful connections and show appreciation to our generous supporters, we invite you to join us in this endeavor. Together, we can create an organized and heartfelt system to honor and thank those who contribute to our mission.

Your role will directly impact our ability to express appreciation to those who support our mission, contributing to the development of strong and lasting relationships with our donors and funders. We use MailChimp, and we have other necessary tools to help create the database we need. Once your process is complete, our plan is to implement it right away to start capturing our beloved supporters.


Nonprofit Overview

My Serenity Sanctuary is a self-care ecosystem and wellness community that empowers Black women and girls with a safe space and abundant resources focusing on their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. We aim to make self-care and wellness accessible and inclusive through our programs, projects, and interactive membership community.

Our mission is to provide programming, services, community, and advocacy to support the self-care and well-being of Black women and girls everywhere.


Database administration