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Geneva, New York
Brand Development

Posted February 26
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

Lochland is in the process of significant organizational change, with the recent appointment of a new Executive Director. Many of our brand assets are tired and limited. We are looking to complete a brand refresh, with an updated logo, new brand colors, and a brand identity package.

Lochland is an organization serving individuals with disabilities that is primarily located on a historic campus that dates back to the 1800s The main campus sits on the shore of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York. With a new era of leadership, we are actively refreshing the services we provide and our community connection. With significant organizational changes, we are wanting to refresh the look and feel of our brand to reflect the excitement of a new era. All of our assets are tired, absent or not appropriate to who we are and who we aim to be.

This will help us to inspire staff and residents, attract new staff and give new life to Lochland in the community. A refreshed brand and brand identity will be applied in so many ways, and most notably to our awful website that will not inspire any of the foundations we applying to!

Intended Impact Summary:
- Increase foundation funding probability.
- Improve employer brand.
- Increase pride in association with Lochland.
- Increase profile in the community (both professional and local).

The board and leadership have been wanting to refresh the brand for some time. All are ready to support this and have been waiting for the new ED, who is now in place. The ED will fully support this project, and has been the project sponsor for brand design, redesign, and refreshes for other organizations in the past and so brings that experience. We have also received feedback from internal stakeholders about the preferred look and feel for Lochland.

The new brand and identity will be used in the redevelopment of the website, internal resources, and external. It will be used as we launch our development work and apply to foundations, seek donations, and implement community events. We are planning on having tee shirts for our community-based staff, for outings, and for the residents and day program participants themselves. We will be using it during our recruitment outreach and will refresh the collateral being used.


Nonprofit Overview

Creating opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to celebrate independence and encourage success.


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