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Fatherly Justice Association
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Boston, Massachusetts
Staff Development

Posted April 09
Member since 2024-04-07

Project Overview

Help our nonprofit build long-term sustainability by investing in our people. We are looking for an HR volunteer who can brainstorm employee and volunteer retention tactics alongside our team.

Activities of this project may include:
-Leading a collaborative brainstorming process around retention tactics
-Distilling ideas from brainstorming activities into a prioritized list of recommendations
-Advising our team on best practices for implementing the recommended retention tactics

We estimate that this pro bono project will take from 4-6 weeks to complete and use (on average) 2-4 hours of volunteer time per week.

We have been able to help out 68 families so far 25 of them have been able to navigate successfully through the family court system. This has been done with limited staff no volunteers.

Our nonprofit has compiled a list of staff and volunteer retention tactics that we've tried in the past, as well as new ideas that we'd like a volunteer's insight on. We will come to this pro bono project ready to share details about our staff members and volunteers so that you can get to know our stakeholders. We will also be prepared to share our current staff compensation package.

Implementing retention tactics generated during this project is a top priority for our team. Our work can't happen without our amazing people! We need your expertise on where to start and which ideas could have the biggest payoff.


Nonprofit Overview

The organization’s mission will be to help fathers navigate the family court system and advocate for their rights to parenting time with their children. The organization will provide legal guidance and educational resources to fathers who may not be able to afford legal


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