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Posted May 09
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Project Overview

We are looking for a volunteer who can help us edit and compile video clips.

We worked earlier with another Taproot volunteer to help us write the script for a play to educate the community about Parkinson's disease and successfully completed the script. We recruited volunteers to act in the play. They diligently practiced for four weeks and were ready to record the play. Since we did not have access to financial resources, we ended up videotaping on our phones. We created multiple videos which now need to be combined. We also have to combine the audio and the PowerPoint slides with the video so that there is an even flow. We would like to upload it to YouTube once we are done combining everything together. Once every 7 minutes somebody is diagnosed with Parkinson's. Often, people do not know how to react or support a loved one when they find out that they have Parkinson's. This skit will help people understand what the person diagnosed with Parkinson's may be going through. This will help us be there for them and support them in a way that will be most helpful.
I am sharing the feedback I received from someone who read the skit -
Hi Kamala, sorry for the late read.
I learned so much about Parkinson’s from this short skit. That is important! Imparting basic knowledge.
Most people like me have a very light knowledge of it. We all probably know someone with Parkinson’s. And we base our knowledge on the one person we know. Which is erroneous.
The other key point I took away is that it is degenerative and has different symptoms for different people. That is a key message.
I also loved the interwoven humor. It’s not gratuitous but serves to make a point.

Lastly, the message about telling people and getting unwanted advice also struck home. Especially when people stop listening and start telling you about all the people they know with the same disease. (Like Mike in the story). Happened to me all the time when Mum got diagnosed, and I wanted to scream in frustration. Which I did internally 😏
I believe that is a universal message for most severe illnesses. And needs to be told.
I hope this gives a feel for why we want to complete this project and share the video broadly with the community. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the very young age of 46. We felt so lonely and isolated. We did not know how to share or how to seek help. Many people in our community were not aware of Parkinson's and we felt that they would not understand.

I hope you can help us complete this project. It personally means a lot to me.We have saved the video, PowerPoint, and audio on Google Drive and we will be able to share the needed information right away. I am also available to answer any questions you may have.

Once it is uploaded on YouTube, we will share the link with our contacts. I am also on the board of APDA (American Parkinson's Disease Association), and we can use their network to share the link broadly.


Nonprofit Overview

AshaUSA's m​ission is to provide culturally specific programs to the South Asian community t​​o foster health and harmony in their lives.