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Hearts Unshackled
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Nashville, Tennessee
Website design

Posted July 08
Member since 2024-04-26

Project Overview

We seek a web designer to create structure and design options for our nonprofit website.

We are currently moving from Wix to WordPress. There is not a transfer option. The volunteer should assess and incorporate our goals and needs and consider our key audiences. The designer should also assess our technical capabilities. The project's deliverable is a WordPress template that will be uploaded to SiteGround. They will use the current Wix site to lead the design concepts that we can easily implement on the WordPress platform. You will have access to a video library that will assist you with all aspects of the template build out.

Our work will take place over multiple meetings in six to nine weeks. In our first meeting, the volunteer should interview us about our desired features, our web capabilities, and our technical expertise. Then, they'll synthesize the information into a requirements briefing. We'll engage in various check-ins, where a member or members of our team will provide feedback. The volunteer will audit our current site to create a draft of site architecture and design options including wireframes, site structure, and other visual elements.

We're seeking a talented web designer to create structure and design options for our nonprofit website as we transition from Wix to WordPress. Your expertise is crucial in helping us achieve a seamless and effective online presence that resonates with our key audiences and meets our goals.

By developing a well-designed and functional website, we can better showcase our initiatives, engage with supporters, and provide resources to those we serve. This project will significantly enhance our ability to fulfill our mission of supporting and empowering individuals in need.

This project offers a meaningful opportunity to make a lasting impact. With your web design skills, you'll help us create a user-friendly, visually appealing website on the WordPress platform.

We have already thought about and are prepared to brief you about our current website platform, our branding collaterals and norms, and information about our stakeholder groups and target audiences. We've also compiled all necessary photos and have some language developed that we will share with you and samples of sites we like. A WordPress template has already been uploaded to SiteGround.

If you're passionate about web design and want to contribute to a worthy cause, we'd love to have you on board!


Nonprofit Overview

At Hearts Unshackled, our mission is to empower women who have experienced the pain of a past abortion to embark on a journey of redemption and restoration, where healing, self-discovery, and transformation—both spiritual and emotional—await.

​We provide a safe and nurturing community where individuals can find solace, self-forgiveness, and the necessary tools to build a brighter future.

Our aim is to break the shackles of shame, stigma, and isolation that often accompany abortion experiences. We believe that every woman deserves to reclaim her dignity, self-respect, and a positive self-image.

Through our faith-based personalized and group coaching and support programs, we seek to empower resilience, nurture self-forgiveness, and inspire freedom in the hearts of those we serve.

We are committed to walking alongside our clients in their purpose-discovery journey toward redemption, healing, and a life filled with purpose, hope, and the unwavering knowledge that they are not alone.


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