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Oromo Legacy Leadership and Advocacy Association
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Washington, D.C.
Website design
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Posted July 08
Member since 2019-04-13

Project Overview

We are currently seeking experienced web designer to enhance our existing website. Our site ( or UWH) is hosted on Squarespace, so proficiency and experience with this platform are essential for this volunteer project.

We hope to find a volunteer who will take the time to understand our vision and objectives, and who can provide valuable suggestions for improvement. The primary deliverable for this project are designs for an updated, user-friendly, and visually appealing website. Additionally, we would appreciate if the volunteer could provide us with guidance or training on how to manage and update the site independently in the future. This is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to make a significant contribution to our cause and to gain experience working with a dynamic team.We are a small nonprofit organization led by a group of women who came together to create a platform for women of the Horn of Africa. In the Horn of Africa, where conflict has taken place, women have been the primary victims of violence but rarely recipients of peace dividends. Our organization aims to change that. UWH is a sister organization to Oromo Legacy Leadership and Advocacy (OLLAA), but not officially part of it. By supporting us, you become a voice for millions of women and empower them to not only have a seat at the table but also help shape that table.
Our website is already established, featuring board bios and essential information about our organization and the work we do. However, we recognize that it currently has a basic appearance. We are seeking assistance to enhance or redesign it.


Nonprofit Overview

To be a force for human rights, women's rights, and indigenous people's rights by empowering individuals and communities across the globe.


User experience design
Graphic design web