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The World Human Peace Foundation
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Pointe-Claire, Canada

Posted July 10
Member since 2024-07-09

Project Overview

We’re looking for a volunteer to develop (write) and design a one-pager that provides an eye-catching overview of our organization. We need collateral that will capture our audience’s attention and get them to engage with our work and any call-to-action we send out. This design work may include the following:
-Development of a general organizational one-pager
-Design of icons or imagery to be used in the one-pager or other organizational marketing materials Conflict and war have a devasting impact on humanity, underscoring the urgent need for peacebuilding efforts worldwide. We are Canadian NGO dedicated to fostering global harmony. With Peace and Unity Campaigns we raise awareness through media channels to promote peace and unite globally. We offer humanitarian aid and help people in need. We honor peace efforts, educate and make sure the impact of historical events dont fade away with time. We have a dedicated team member for the project who will provide you with the information needed.

The World Human Peace Foundation, Stronger Together,


Nonprofit Overview

Promoting Peace and Helping People in Need


Graphic design
Copy writing
Adobe creative cloud
Print design