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Publicist or public relations firm to deliver high end press coverage, print/magazine/radio/tv/internet interviews for GoDocs. Founder and medical team members around the world available for interviews and content creation. National and large city press coverage desired. Founder will travel to US domestic locations for substantial news outlet interview.
Global Outreach Doctors, though only a few years old since inception, has now worked several disasters and large-scale health projects around the world. Our press coverage has been primarily local to the small city where the organization was founded. This, despite the fact that GoDocs available content and professionally captured imagery and video is very compelling. We seek national recognition for our volunteer work with refugees and victims of natural disasters.
Founder, Andrew Lustig, has completed well executed radio/internet/print interviews. GoDocs available content and professionally captured imagery and video is very compelling. We can deliver content in any format the volunteer requests.

Please forward your CV and a letter of interest to


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Global Outreach Doctors is a humanitarian organization of dedicated medical professionals providing international healthcare.
Our medical team responds immediately to worldwide disasters in Africa, Asia, North, South, and Central Americas and the Middle East. We deploy canine search & rescue assets to enhance our success in locating survivors quickly. GoDocs provides on going medical assistance in developing world regions and refugee crisis'. Apply online or when applying on taproot, CV is required. Please reply directly to

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