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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

We are launching our new podcast project this Friday and we need to create a marketing strategy for the season to attract listeners throughout the next few months.Want to be a part of our new podcast project, The Real WORD? We're partnering with LA Review of Books to get our kids' voices out into the mainstream - voices you don't usually hear on podcasts and they're talking about BOOKS! Help us create a campaign to attract listeners worldwide!We're launching the first episode of The Real WORD this Friday Jan 13! We've got a logo (and t-shirts too) and we did an Indiegogo campaign in August to raise funds for the project as well.


Nonprofit Overview

To support the empowerment of at-risk communities by creating a culture of literacy and discussion.

We believe that the shared experience of reading and discussion encourages a stronger sense of self-worth, empathy and community, while supporting higher literacy levels.

Reading Opens Minds provides new books, and weekly, bi-monthly or monthly club meetings where members’ opinions and insights are heard and valued.

Our facilitators are trained to encourage meaningful discussion around themes in the books we read.


Marketing strategy
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