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Graphic design for sponsorship deck


Project details

Target skills

  • Graphic design
  • Print design
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

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Project need

Globetops is seeking a Graphic Designer to create a deck proposal to show potential sponsors.

As a nonprofit, our biggest hurdle is reaching the consciousness of the people who resonate with us, and a skilled graphic designer would be invaluable in conveying to potential sponsors the breadth of our mission. Globetops connects people who have laptops they don't use anymore with someone around the world who needs one.

On, users with an old laptop browse through profiles of people who have never had one. Then with a few clicks of a button they create a donor profile and the computer arrives at our Globetops command center – either by mail or via our free NYC pickup service. From there the laptop is wiped, checked, revamped, wrapped, strapped in a plane, and sent off on an overseas adventure.

When it arrives at its destination, the recipient is introduced to their new electronic sidekick & receives training in how to use it to further their vision for global enlightenment! Both parties can stay in touch & talk about themselves, their communities, and what their laptop has made possible. Through creative recycling and Globetops, users are afforded the opportunity to explore other cultures, learn about the world and become friends with people they never knew existed.

The Globetops project has been in full steam for several years and has matched individual donors and recipients with over 100 projects thus far. With the number of people donating and asking for a laptop swelling, we've begun seeking out sponsors to help expand our scope. In addition to a number of high quality photos accumulated over our years of operations we have prepared a detailed content outline for the deck.

Organization's mission

Globetops connects people who have laptops they don't use anymore with someone around the world who needs one.

Step 1: Apply

Send the below info, and if interested, the nonprofit will select a time for a phone interview. You'll get a confirmation with everything you need to know.

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Step 2: Interview

You'll have a 30 minute call to discuss the scope and deliverables of the project directly with Globetops, and for them to confirm you're a good fit.

Step 3: Start

Once accepted, you'll be able to get right to work. We will check in with you periodically to make sure you have everything you need.