Step 1: Claim

Read the topic for the session this organization has requested. If you're able and available to consult, claim this session to schedule the call.

Step 2: Prep

Check out the tips and resources provided to make the most of your one-hour session with the organization.

Step 3: Consult

Help the organization brainstorm, troubleshoot, and diagnose challenges in your 1-hour consulting session with them.

Nonprofit Overview

We provide healing leadership programs to survivors of domestic violence and childhood trauma

Session Overview

For 10 years we've made a life-changing impact in the lives of women and families in NYC on a shoestring budget. To grow into our second decade we’ll need staff and operating space. We need help to get our history and accomplishments together digitally on videos, website, brochures, in order to approach private donors and foundations for funding as well as applying for city and government grants.

Strategic analysis
Grant writing
Business planning
Business analysis
Milagros Day Worldwide Inc.
Business Planning
New York , New York

Member since 2019-08-12

This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Tips for getting the most out of your session

Familiarize yourself with the nonprofit. Do some quick research and skim through anything you can find such as their website and/or social media.
Make a list of questions you have to clarify your understanding of their challenge.
Have the mindset of keeping the call focused on an issue that can be addressed in a 1-hour consultation, and steer the nonprofit to tangible next steps.