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Adelante Mujer Inc.
Fond du Lac, WI
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2021-10-28

Session Overview

We are a non-profit funding women studying to be doctors in Nicaragua ( We have a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, but hardly use them. We also have a blog on our website. I'm not sure where to begin to start ramping up our social media. I'm also curious about other ways to get information about our ministry out to people.


Nonprofit Overview

Adelante Mujer provides financial assistance to women who are studying to become medical doctors at the nationally certified School of Intercultural Medicine of URACCAN University in Bilwi/Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. The professional preparation of these women will increase the number of physicians in the area.

Specifically, Adelante Mujer provides medical students with financial support for the following:
*Required school supplies – including expensive photocopying because textbooks are scarce and computers are few
*Required medical supplies – such as lab coats, stethoscope, scrubs, rubber gloves, blood pressure cuff, head and foot covering, surgical masks, thermometer, hand sanitizers, etc.
*Transportation – from the university to the hospital where students do their on site training
*One meal per day on campus – When we became aware that many students could not afford a campus meal we added this to our financial support
*License Expenses – following 6 years of university study, one year of internship, plus two years of social service, we decided to assist doctors with travel to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health in Managua where, once their nine years are finished, they must appear in person to receive their license to practice medicine.


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