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Raising Tactical Daughters
Peoria, Arizona
Accounting & Finance

Member since 2022-08-23

Session Overview

Raising Tactical Daughters is currently seeking qualified volunteers to help us set up Quickbooks Online for Nonprofits in the following areas:
1. Setting up the Chart of Accounts in Quick Books Online;
2. Setting up class tracking; and
3. Using data provided to develop budgets organization and program budgets.The organization consists of myself, founder, and 1 board member. The assistance provided by the volunteer will help our organization set up our financial reporting system that provides fiscal accountability and professional and accurate reports to potential funders, donors, and grant applications for seed funding. We havent used anything for budgeting before as I still currently self fund the NPO. We will use the budgets and reports to submit with foundations, corporate, local, state, and federal grants. Also, the data will be used to submit to the Board of Directors for review and oversight in easy to read reports.


Nonprofit Overview

Raising Tactical Daughters is a Non-Profit organization that bridges the gap between women and young girls at risk of getting assaulted, abused and raped, and enables them to be in total control of their own safety. We focus on training and educating girls and women of any age the basics of Situational Awareness, Conflict De-escalation, and non lethal Self Defense.