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Awesöme Orchestra
Oakland, California

Member since 2022-09-09

Session Overview

Our small nonprofit ( is currently using a combination of Google Docs spreadsheets and forms along with Mailchimp, Flipcause (our non-profit donation platform) to organize and manage our data, and we are looking for help to transition us to Salesforce to help take us to the next level (we already have our free non-profit account ready to go)! We are envisioning using Salesforce to create a profile for each of our active players so we can track their involvement, donations, and hopefully even use as sign-ups forms for our events. We'd love to talk to a professional about what the exact needs of our organization are, and what switching over to a single new platform like Salesforce might look like and do for us. We specifically need to discuss the structure of the database, and what we would need to provide a professional to help us migrate over.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to make awesome orchestral adventures accessible to musicians and the public. Our vision is to create a new model for orchestras to represent, serve, and inspire their communities. Our core values: we strive for accessibility, community, and excellence in all that we do. We believe music sounds better when everybody is having a good time.