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Venezuelan American Archives Foundation Inc
Miami, Florida
Board Development
1 project

Member since 2022-07-07

This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Session Overview

Let me tell you about us in a few words and what we do.
A 24 year old company, made up entirely of immigrants fand for immigrants.
We recently went non-profit and need help.
The numbers of immigrants has grown well beyond our present capacity.
We have the skill and trust of the immigrant community. just need a structure to accommodate this greater need .
What we need are board members and advisors to help us continue to serve this rapidly growing immigrant community.


Nonprofit Overview

Immigrant for immigrants. Immigrants who became exiles from their countries and traveled to the USA 30 years ago. They have been fighting for the freedoms and rights of immigrants in the USA and Globally. This group fights for freedom not just for immigrants but for all Americans and people. The project is the Freedom Voice Reports. They are the watchdogs of overreaching governments in human rights, freedoms, fair justice system, animal rights, election fairness and in the media. They are the voice for those who feel they have no voice. They gather the facts and work with local communities to improve quality of life.


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